Frequently Asked Questions

What makes you different?

I'm a Certified Financial Planner™ which requires that I act as a fiduciary.  That means putting my clients' interests first.  According to the CFP® board, fewer than 20% of all financial professionals have passed the rigorouos academic and ethical requirements needed to acheive this designation.  

I also offer virtual meeting options by phone or video conference.  The clients I serve are busy professionals, business owners, and parents who appreciate the ability to squeeze in a video conference before office hours or over a coffee or lunch break.  For my elderly clients I am pleased to offer phone appointments and house calls.  My office hours are strictly by appointment to accomodate my clients' schedules.  

Do you have investment minimums?

No.  I would describe many of my clients as "aspiring affluent" meaning that they may have solid income, but not much in the way of assets (yet).  Instead, these clients are interested in financial coaching to assist them in developing financial literacy and strong financial habits.  Examples include budgeting, saving for college, reviewing workplace benefits, paying down debt, getting a second opinion on their 401(k), or starting an investment/savings program.

I offer these financial counseling services on an hourly fee or project basis.  Call 302-668-6820 to learn more.

How are you compensated?

I am happy to accept compensation on both a fee and commission basis to suit my clients' needs.  Commission compensation is generally appropriate for smaller accounts, accounts with infrequent activity, or clients who simply prefer to work on a contingency basis.  

On the other hand, fee based compensation, in the form of a percentage of assets under management, might make sense for larger accounts with more frequent trading activity or clients who desire both asset management and financial planning services and want to pay a fee that includes both.

Furthermore, some products that pay a commission do not offer a "no-load" or "commission free" option.  Life insurance, Long-Term Care Insurance, Disability Insurance, would be examples.  Therefore, I offer these products on a commission basis only in order to avoid receiving a both a fee and a commission.

Finally, I work with many indviduals who consider themselves to be proficient investors and are not looking for an ongoing relationship or asset management.  Rather, they may have a temporary financial situation they need help to nagivate or just want a "second opinion".  I am able to charge a fee on a hourly or project basis for a la carte services such as a portfolio review/second opinion, financial plan, estate plan, budgeting/cash flow, or funding for college education.


In what States are you licensed to practice?

I hold Life Insurance and Securities licenses in PA, DE, and MD.